As one of the fast-growing design and verification expertise company, VALSOC has a team with experience in design and cutting-edge verification methodologies, design and verification team has successfully taped out many IPs, subsystems, and commercial products.

We focus on the quality of engineering talent and their dedicated work resulting in better products quickly.

With time, getting maximum value out of every chip with expertise in low power, high-speed design, proven validation methodologies has become a habit.

A team of highly experienced design engineers, complemented by a group of mid-level engineers, have extensive knowledge of RTL design, micro architecture planning, synthesis, formal Verification and static timing analysis, PLDRC, clock domain crossing, and low power techniques for chips for various industries

In addition to a library of design components that can be customized to meet customer requirements, VALSOC’s engineering team has the expertise and skill to harmonize complex and often competing requirements

Keeping current designs and standard IPs in mind, our designers have vast experience in delivering development projects on Hardware-Accelerators, MIPI, Wireless protocols, USB, PCIe, DDR, Audio & Video Codecs, etc.

  1. Micro-architecture Planning
  2. RTL Implementation

Having built large maintainable verification environments using both System C and System Verilog, VALSOC can help you preserve your existing simulation environment or help you in the design process from top to bottom utilizing detailed test templates and EDA tools such as V-planner for verification planning.

  • Advanced IP & SoC Verification
  • SV-UVM Based Constrained – Random Verification
  • Verification Plan, Environment, Test Bench Development
  • Low Power Verification
  • Gate Level simulation
  • Assertion based Formal Verification
  • VIP Development and Integration

Our verification team understands which tools and methods to apply at the appropriate time based upon the types of designs and application areas with previous experience across multiple industry verticals spanning Consumer Electronics, Wireless, Data Centre, Automotive, and Memory/Storage segments.

A great Design For Test(DFT) service can reduce not only time-to-market but also a significant improvement in execution quality. And the VALSOC DFT team ensures just that. With rapidly growing well-trained talent both in-house as well as at customer’s location, we are providing the following services to many existing clients:

  1. Scan Insertion
  2. Scan Compression
  4. JTAG, B-Scan
  5. Physical Aware Synth
  6. Timing Closure
  7. SI Analysis
  8. Formal Verification
  9. Low-power Checks

VALSOC Physical Design teams use their proven flows and processes to build the entire Back End flow and take full responsibility from RTL/Netlist to GDSII.

Overview of the process:

  1. Floor Planning
  2. Place & Route
  3. Clock Tree Synthesis
  4. Timing Closure
  5. Signal Integrity
  6. Extract/DRC /LVS
  7. Tape-out
  8. GDSII Generation

Having collective experience  and expertise in each foundry, each library, and each tool for advanced node design ensures optimum performance, power, and area (PPA).

Since its inception, Valsoc can deliver high-quality analog IC layout for different applications in semiconductor design with the following expertise:

  1. Double patterning techniques
  2. DSM sub 7nm &10nm complex DRCs
  3. Variable metal grids
  4. Density checks
  5. Reliability verification checks
  6. Electromigration checks
  7. Rapid ESD
  8. Latch-up issues
  9. Building customized ESD ADTs
  10. Building customized MIMCAP ADTs
  11. Post layout extraction debugging skills
  12. Special routing for high-speed critical nets

With many reputed clients in the portfolio and an experienced team of motivated experts and enthusiasts, VALSOC is happy to serve you.

With customers ranging from starting in Analog design to some of the largest semiconductor companies, our team can handle as much as little design work

VALSOC will execute your analog circuit design based on your requirements to develop circuit blocks or subsystems integrated into a larger customer-designed chip.

Our expert skills:

  1. PLL Designs
  2. DLL Designs
  3. Phase Interpolators
  4. LDO Designs
  5. Bandgap voltage references
  6. Transceiver Designs
  7. Equalizers ( CTLE, DFE, FFE )
  8. Clock Data Recovery (CDR) Calibration blocks.
  9. Sense amplifier latches
  10. Resistor compensation circuits
  11. ADC and DAC AFEs
  12. Termination Circuits
  13. ESD Implementation
  14. Channel modeling and Wire modeling

Based on client needs, VALSOC provides partial or end-to-end ASIC manufacturing services over the complete development cycle.

With vast expertise and high standards, we have developed formal test procedures and quality management methodologies that serve our clients to

  1. Wafer procurement and probing.
  2. IC Packaging.
  3. Chip and Component testing.
  4. Supply chain.
  5. Failure Analysis

From inception to the end of the product life cycle, VALSOC uses various hardware, embedded software, and IT services to design and develop products.

With strong re-engineering and process optimization capabilities, we offer customized product engineering services that help organizations gain a competitive edge by leveraging new technologies that reduce time–to–market and improve the product’s scalability and maintainability, and solutions.